About Us

Our firm, in its current form, has been in existence since 1998, while the partners have been practising law since much earlier.

The partners and the associate lawyers, headed by the Professor of Labour Law, Mr. Ioannis Lixouriotis, are specialized lawyers, holders of doctoral and/or postgraduate diplomas in the field of labour law and labour relations, with a long and productive practical experience and with a wealth of scientific and authorial work.

The continuous mobility that characterizes labour law and labour relations in general, both in our country and internationally, demands high and comprehensive specialization and continuous updating in the area of labour law, jurisprudence, theory and international practices.


A valuable feature of our firm is therefore its extreme specialization in labour and employment matters, with a commitment to a personalized approach to each client and each case.

Expertise, experience, attention to detail, creative imagination and hard work enable us to effectively support our clients’ interests and find beneficial solutions to issues relating to labour law and industrial relations in the context of an ever-diversifying global economy and a rapidly evolving working environment.

Our services

employment contract

Employment relationships

Establishment and termination of employment relationship Obligations of employer and employees:

  • Drafting of employment contracts of all specific types
  • Termination of employment contracts
  • Drawing up internal labour regulations
  • Equal treatment issues, protection of personal data, harassment
  • Health and safety of employees


Structural Changes

Operational Mobility, Restructuring and Structural Changes:

  • Consultancy support to foreign/multinational companies establishing in Greece regarding the Greek legal framework regulating labour relations
  • Privatizations, transfers, mergers, demergers, outsourcing
  • Business restructuring, business interruption and collective redundancies
  • Collective relocation, transfers and availability of staff
  • Voluntary redundancies and early retirement of staff

Collective  relations

Collective labour relationships:

  • Trade union matters & strikes
  • Assistance in collective bargaining
  • Assistance in mediation and arbitration procedures


Assistance, information, education and training services:

  • Preventive awareness and advisory initiatives to minimize the risk of legal exposure of companies in the field of labour law (Audit)
  • Support for the resolution of individual and collective labour disputes involving public authorities (labour inspectorates, etc.)
  • Assisting companies in the development of HR policies, including corporate social policy plans
  • Advisory services to managers
  • Education and training of managers in labour law issues (inter- and intra-company training)